Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

If you are viewing this, then I am dead. No reason to beat around the bush; much more important things than my life are at stake here. I leave, with you, a set of tasks to fulfill: the tasks in which I did not have enough time to complete. Do not take this job lightly, for lives do depend on it. 

You must find the most amazing girl in the world. This task is harder than you might think.  Though she shines with such radiant light, her beams are blocked by thorns of self-hatred.  Give her the mirror that accurately reflects both her outer and inner beauty and teach her how to trust it.

You must sift through my countless emails and reply to them all. Let them know that I can no longer help them, but you can. Be there for them, because no one else will.

You must befriend one mailer in particular.  Though she might be four years younger, she’s become one of my best friends. Let her know that she’s never alone, and that hope will never die, as long as she is alive.

You must take up position as an inspirer.  Write blogs. Talk in front of schools. Inspire, encourage, and applaud your apprentices.

You must sit with the red-haired girl every other day and ask how she is.  You must listen to the answer and actually care. You must tell her how much she shines. And that one particular sticky note from 10th grade wasn’t randomly placed at all.

You must make someone’s day, every day.  You must continue the small project.  You must be the one your friends look to in their time of need. Be their helping hand up. Their shoulder to cry on.  Their rock.

You must find those who were my rock in times of need and thank them for it.  (I’m thinking cupcakes :) )

Mostly, though, you must be strong. There are no words to describe how it feels to carry such weight on your shoulders. But I know you can handle it.  You are resilient. You know that chasing a goal can be brutal. But you also know that it’s worth it. You are relentless. You will stand back up after every crashing wave knocks you down.  And you will laugh as those waves become smaller and smaller until they slide harmlessly into shore off in the distance.  You’re not scared. You could take thousands of those waves and jump right back to your feet, spitting sand and grinning wildly.  Why? Because you are a fighter.  And I know I chose well. 


Okay, okay now, you can relax.  I’m not actually dead.  Yesterday I was laying wake in my bed, seriously sore from lifeguard training.  I was wondering what would happen if I didn’t wake up tomorrow.  Someone would have to take care of a few things.  I guess that’s the downfall of being invisible.  I don’t really have that person to help.  Actually, now I do. 

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