Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On Fear

Have you ever turned away instead of talking to that cute girl in fear of rejection? Have you ever not gone on that rollercoaster because it looked too scary? Or have you ever decided not to participate in the talent show fearing embarrassment?

Perhaps what you fear is not limited to those categories. No matter, we all have been held back by fear in one point of our lives or another.  However, what most people fail to realize is that fear is not the body’s way of saying that something bad will happen.  No, it’s just an indicator that something important is to come. So let’s go back for a second. That cute girl? Perhaps you two have a great time and start dating. Or maybe she laughs at you. Hey, you learned how not to approach a girl.  The next time, your chances of a great with conversation with a different girl have increased. The scary rollercoaster? It could turn out to be so much fun. Or maybe you make a friend while standing in line.  That talent show? Maybe your friends are impressed. Or perhaps you mess up a little. You learn that everyone makes mistakes sometimes and they soon forget when you mess up.

Regardless of what you fear, overcoming it might just become one of the most important moments of your life.  Would you like to know how your life would be if you did not let fear stop you? Well, it’s easy to find out.  Would you like to know how this can affect the world?

Well I’ll tell you. Right now, reading this is someone with the political skills to stop wars…if only they had the courage to run for office. Right now, reading this is someone whose art has the potential to touch millions of hearts and change the way people view the world…if only they had the guts to enter that contest. Right now, reading this is someone who has the intellect to revolutionize the agricultural world and erase famine…if only they took a chance on this intellect and started their research today.

What would happen if all three of these readers gathered up their courage, looked their fear in the face, and took a step towards success? We would be one step closer to a better world, that’s what.

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